19 March 2021 

Spiritual Abuse of LGBTQ+ Catholics

We Are Church Ireland denounces the latest Vatican statement banning the blessing of same-gender unions as both theologically flawed and outdated as well as profoundly lacking pastorally. Many LGBTQ+ Catholic people experience it as an act of violence, spiritual abuse, an attack on their goodness and love. Many others are revulsed by its language.

Its condemnatory stance is unworthy of a Christian church, although sadly not unprecedented coming from the CDF, but it is dispiriting to see Pope Francis signing off on it.

We Are Church Ireland calls on Irish priests and bishops to follow the example of bishops and priests in other countries who have   repudiated the CDF statement and have pledged to continue blessing same-gender unions.

We also call on our members and other Catholics to express their support for our LGBTQ+ sisters and brothers and to use every means to register strongly their protest against this Vatican ruling which makes a mockery of any talk of synodality and inclusivity.

Colm Holmes


WAC Ireland

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