International Church Reform network

priest and reform-movements working together

Bregenz 2013

Between 2008 and 2012 different priest groups were initiated – out of different historical needs. Soon there was the idea to connect. We first met in Bregenz, Austria in October 2013:pressespiegel-bregenz


Pfarrerinitiative Österreich
Association of Catholic Priests Ireland
Pfarrei-Initiative Schweiz
National Council of Priests of Australia
Pfarrer-Inititiave Deutschland
AUSCP Association of US Catholic Priests

We are Church Austria

some articles on this conference available soon

After the Bregenz-Conference we started a Skype circle every 8-10 weeks of 7 members, representing the national groups. members of the core group are: Tony Flannery, Helmut Schüller, Ian Mc Ginnity, Dan Divis, Deborah Rose-Milavec, Markus Heil and the German representative (Klaus Kempter, Wolfgang Gramer, Max Stetter)

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