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Welcome to the International Church Reform Network website. As an International network of reform groups we build alliances as we confront issues of injustice within the Catholic Church. We learn, reflect, and take action together.

2022 Conference via zoom

Please join us for our sixth gathering of the International Catholic Reform Network on January 28 & 29, 2022.  Although we will not be able to meet in person as we did in Bregenz, Limerick, Chicago, Bratislava, and Warsaw because of the pandemic, we will “meet” our friends and colleagues in India via zoom to learn about the Catholic Church there.

Each day we will begin at:

  • New York 6am 
  • Brasil 8am 
  • London 11am 
  • CentralEurope 12noon 
  • India 4.30pm 
  • Sydney 10pm

Each day’s session will last approximately 3 hours.

Agenda January 28, 2022 (Day one)

-Short Introduction:  Virginia Saldanha 

1. Dr. Andy Sequeira (Rainbow Catholics India): Gender and sexual minorities experience in Church and society 

2. Sr. Manju Kulapuram: Interfaith experiences

3. Dr. Kochurani Abraham: Ritual Politics in the Church in India

-Q & A:  30 mins

-Break: 10 mins

4. Dr. Astrid Lobo-Gajiwala: Interfaith marriage â€“ the Challenge of Interfaith Families.

5. Sr. Clare Therese: Caste discrimination in the Church

6. Anita Cheria: The impact of religious fundamentalism on the politics and social fabric of our country, especially on minority religious groups, feeding into the growing Islamophobia in the world.

-Q & A:  30 mins.

Agenda for January 29th (Day two)

-Speakers from various countries and regions share plans and processes for synodality. (90 minutes)

  • Nontando Hadebe: South Africa
  • Fr. Joseph Healy:  Africa
  • Ellie Hidalgo:  Amazon
  • Virginia Saldanha:  India
  • Other speakers from regions of UK, Europe, Australia, South America, U.S. 

-Small group discussions (by language groups):  (30 minutes)

-Large group feedback:  ICRN and the Synodal Process (30 minutes)

-Final announcements and ICRN plans:  Martha Heizer –  (15 minutes)

-Closing and final comments 


We look forward to being with all of you!

ICRN Steering Committee
Rasto Kocan, Virginia Saldanha, Martha Heizer, Colm Holmes, Max Stetter, Deborah Rose

If you have questions please email



Warsaw in 2019

From September 22nd to 27th, 2019 we met for the fifth ICRN conference near Warsaw, Poland. The purpose of the conference was “To explore and discuss the topics most alive in the church today and discuss how to model the emerging church of the future.”  Due to the nature of network the conference was for representatives of organizations or multipliers in their national churches.

Press-statement from the Warsaw conference 

More ressources from the conference will be published as soon as they are available.