International Church Reform network

priest and reform-movements working together

Limerick 2015

Purpose of the Limerick Conference:

  • ·  Networking and getting to know each other.
  • ·  Exploring possible shared principles that we could make public.
  • ·  Sharing how we perceive Pope Francis and connecting to his reform ideas.
  • ·  Working on specific topics such as: the future of parishes, equality of women, the Synod on the Family, and others.
  • ·  How can we work together, and, if possible, get our message to the Vatican and to the people.

We met a second time in April 2015 in Limerick , Ireland
Here you find the description of the outcome and some newspaper articles  , Limerick-Conference press releaseIMG_2465

After the conference many of the participating organizations wrote a “public letter to Pope Francis”

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