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Ressources on fundamental rights

From our Chicago2016-conference we came home to continue our work in three working groups, one of them is the “Fundamental rights in the Church ” Group. Here we present their materials as soon as the groups have further things to share or materials they think is valuable.

Further resources will be put on this website, as soon as available.

article on fundamental rights by Tony Flannery

Article by David Timbs 

Further Resources sent by David Timbs:

David Timbs, “A People not a Pyramid. Leadership in a Society of Equals” I & II.

David Timbs, “A People not a Pyramid. Leadership in a Society of Equals.” III & IV.


J.A. Dick, “Authoritarianism.” Another Voice-Greenleaf. 14/11/2014. (Accessed 28/02/2017.

Joseph A. Komonchak,  “Vatican II and the New Code/Vatican II et le nouveau code..In:
Archives de science sociale des religions, n.62/1, 1986. pp.107-117. (Accessed 28/02/2017

Thomas J. Green,  “THE REVISION OF CANON LAW: THEOLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS,”  Theological Studies, 47 (1986) 617-652. (Accessed 28/02/2017

Leonard Swidler, “Where did God or Jesus say that democracy has no place in the Catholic Church?”          (Accessed 28/02/2017; republished in a 14 part series in Catholica (Australia) 2007.(

ACC, “Catholic Bill of Rights and Responsibilities”, June 2011 (Accessed 28/02/2017

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Accessed 28/02/2017

European Convention on Human Rights (Accessed 28/02/2017

A VOTF Structural Change Working Group proposal for structural change Independent Judicial Review of Actions by a Diocesan Bishop, June 16, 2005 (Accessed 28/02/2017

World Synod of Bishops, “Justice in the World,” 1971 (Accessed 28/02/2017 file:///F:/Downloads/download_03052017_120521.pdf)

Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church, “A Proposed Constitution of the Catholic Church” (Accessed 28/02/2017

John Gibson (European ARCC Network), “Towards a Catholic Constitution” (Accessed 28/02/2017

Leonard Swidler, “Creating a ‘Constitution for your Parish,” ARCC (Accessed 28/02/2017

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