International Church Reform network

priest and reform-movements working together

Participating organisations

We are a network. Networking means that everybody is self-responsible for their action. Yet we are connected and sometimes cooperate for certain events, publications or happenings.  If appropriate we ask each other for solidarity.






At our last Conference “Chicago2016” , the following organisations were represented:

Australia National Council of Priests of Australia,

Australia, Catholics for Renewal Inc, http: //

Austria Pfarrer Initiative Österreich,

Austria Wir sind Kirche / We are Church Austria,

Germany Pfarrer-Initiative Deutschland,

Germany: Wir sind Kirche / We are Church Germany,

Great Britain, a call to action  ACTA, ,

International Movement we are Church ,

International Women Ordination Worldwide,

Ireland : Association of Catholic Priests ACP,

Ireland :  We are Church Ireland,

Italy Noi siamo Chiesa – we are Church Italy,

Slovakia  Society for open Christianity for the 21st century

Switzerland Pfarrei-Initiative Schweiz, English version of the text

USA, American Catholic Council,

USA , Association of US Catholic Priests AUSCP,

USA, Call to Action ,


USA Dignity USA,


USA New Ways Ministry,


USA Voice of the Faithful,

USA Women Ordination Conference,

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