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Emerging models of Parishes


Emerging models of parish, parish leadership and the future of the Eucharist in local communities

Brainstorm at our Bratislava Conference: Emerging_Ministry

From our Chicago2016-conference we came home to continue our work in three working groups, one of them is the “Emerging models of Ministry” Group. Here we present their materials as soon as the groups have further things to share or materials they think is valuable.


Lobinger, Priesthood of community leaders :


German Pfarrer initiative: Church_with_a_future

AUSCP: American Association of Catholic Priests : pastoral-plan-for-priestless-parishes


Letter to Bishop Lobinger:

Reference in NCRonline  by Sr. Chris Schenk. will-next-synod-address-ordaining-elders-both-women-and-men 

Reference to the Lobinger Modell on Crux now 

More Materials at the LUMKO institute

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