International Church Reform network

priest and reform-movements working together



We are Catholic priests- and reform-movements working together for and toward a pastoral church.

ICRN is an international network of priest- and reform movements that organizes pastoral dialogue-retreats to model and forward the church for the future, to enable its members and invited participants to communicate and dialogue with one another honestly, to tell stories, to heal wounds from the struggles of reform, to give courage to all engaged, and to share energy, enthusiasm, ideas; and in some cases, to act.

The church that we work for is …

A Church that reaches out to the people on the peripheries of life and the peripheries of church to bring them into the center of community in Christ.

A Church that empowers people to contribute all their charisms to their local faith-communities and the church as a whole, respecting the dignity inherent in every human being and in all creation.

A Church that enables the people of God — the baptized and the inquiring, the hierarchs and the lowly, the thriving and the hurt — to enter sincere and authentic dialogue, to share their stories, to heal and to strengthen faith, hope and love, and to experience joy and peace together.

A Church that gathers communities of believers to pray together, to celebrate eucharist together, to be creative in their expressions of faith, and to act on it.

refined June 2017


Our Guiding Principles ( from the Limerick Conference, April 2015 // refined in 2018)

  • We practice mindfulness and compassion.
    We listen and speak from the heart
    We speak about pain and do not hide tears
  • We practice unity in diversity.
    We operate transparent – we speak what it is
    We strive for inclusion – there is no discrimination
    We enjoy common ground and honor diversity
    We look for energy and courage
  • The Holy Spirit is present.
    We notice the spiritual dimension
    We step back to see the bigger picture

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