Sisters…Unveil Your Truths! We are all priests, prophets and queens.

About this Event

Join Voices of Faith and misso Aachen on International Women’s Day 2021 for an online meeting of prayer, reflection and honest prophetic voice of religious sisters from around the globe. 

PLEASE NOTE – This event will be translated live from English to German, Italian and French.

Sister Madeleine Fredell (Sweden) will preach on the Gospel pericope of the day, sisters Evelyn Arraya (Peru), Patty Fawkner (Australia), Julie George (India), Mumbi Kigutha (Kenya), Mary Lembo (Togo) and Christine Pinto (Philippines) will share their experience and wisdom on obedience. Reflecting on deep spiritual significance of this vow, they will showcase how often it’s misunderstood, abused and cynically used against them. Sister Philippa Rath (Germany) will lead a prayer for equality and Sr. Marguerite Bakorba Epiboué (Burkina Faso) will read the Gospel of the day.

Will their prophetic voice be heard in their own home?

Dr Mary McAleese, former president of Ireland will share some thoughts, ‘Goodbye to the guardian angel of passivity’ – inspired by the prophetic poem from the Canton of Expectation. 

Chantal Götz (Voices of Faith) and Dirk Bingener (misso Aachen) will share insights into the launch of this strong partnership. 

Song by Silvia Genovesi

#sisterwhatdoyousay digital campaign – 1st-14th March 2021

On March 1st Voices of Faith and missio Aachen launched a joint campaign “Sister, what do you say?” to celebrate female religious life and empower religious women to share their life experience and struggles within the Church structures. Too often the work and lives of religious sisters are hampered by stagnant Church structures and habits that do not allow their charisms to fully flourish. Too often these situations lead to various kinds of abuse (e.g. economical, spiritual, sexual, abuse of power or conscience). That is why we want to hear what these sisters have to say – and together begin to change the structures of sin.

The Internationales Katholisches Missionswerk – missio is a part of the network of Pontifical Mission Societies and one of the largest aid organisations in Germany. Missio Aachen promotes the development of the Catholic Church and the training of its staff in 68 countries and pays special attention to support educational and human development of religious sisters. In April 2020 “Results of missio’s survey on the topic: Abuse against women religious” was published – an unprecedented documentary gathering testimonies of consecrated women.

Voices of Faith is an initiative of the Fidel Götz Foundation who envisions a Catholic Church and Catholic organisations that provide global leadership working for justice and equality in the world. Since 2014 VoF has been organising international meetings in Rome and on-line to give space to Catholic women to share their different experiences of life in the Church and to advocate for concrete changes that can create gender justice within the institution.